Pool House in WW2

Pool House played a number of important roles during WW2. On a tour you will learn why Winston Churchill first visited the house in 1939 and why the house was subsequently requisitioned. How from 1941 to 1944 it became the Royal Navy Command Headquarters for the Russian Arctic Convoys and also controlled North Atlantic Convoys entering and leaving Loch Ewe.

You will discover the story of how HMS Nelson was severely damaged by a U-boat mine in Loch Ewe and how and why the news of this was with withheld from the British people.

Lord Rowallan was also stationed here and the house became the Highland Fieldcraft Training Centre where young army officers were put through rigorous winter training under his command.

There were also several RAF personnel in the house overseeing the barrage balloons that protected the Loch from German bomber aircraft.

On a tour you will see clothing, artefacts, models and other memorabilia of these difficult times.