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  • Intimate dining room
  • Sea views
The Henry Bacon Room, ready for a dining party. Some of our collection of artwork, including landscapes by artist John Watling. Bannister carved by Minna Amy Edwards-Moss, wife of Osgood Mackenzie. A hand bell for guests to use. Candles. China on display in the Henry Bacon Room. The main staircase. Interior detail. Hand-painted walls and ceiling. Stairs leading to the entrance of the Henry Bacon Room. The corridor. A hand-painted knight.

Henry Bacon Room

In keeping with the rest of the house, this room is named after an American Merchant Navy ship, the SS Henry Bacon. Hanging on the wall is the Russian Convoy Club memorial bell dedicated to all those who sailed in Arctic waters. If booking the house on an exclusive use basis, this room is available as an alternative to the main dining room for those looking for a more intimate atmosphere. Alternatively, If you are looking for a quiet corner to do some work or read the newspapers undisturbed, this may be the ideal spot.