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Al's High Class Tarts‏

Alan's famous Bakewell tart

Not content creating delicious dinners each evening, we have recently discovered, to the detriment of our waistlines, that chef, Alan Copland's tarts are unsurpassed.

Whilst all are sublime, his Bakewell tarts have very nearly led to brawls over who gets the last piece. Even worse, he now insists that they are first offered to guests and we can only get what is left over - usually nothing!

We devised a cunning plan and began ordering tarts for imaginary afternoon tea bookings but were "rumbled" when he visited the drawing room to see if the guests were enjoying their pastries. It seems that his delicious baking, will for the time being, remain the preserve of our esteemed customers and we will just have to make do with the occasional cheap tart now and then.